Personal shopping begins with an in-home consultataion. A wardrobe assessmentwill determine what needs to be added and what should be discarded-if anything.
After a review of your closet we work together to determine what pieces are necessary to update your look and style based on the items in your current wardrobe.
Once we know what you need - Let's shop!
Locations will be determined based on budget, wardrobe needs and location.  I will accompany, educate, assist and motivate you while shopping. I will show you how to pull looks together for your body type as well as how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.
**Personal shopping sessions can also be booked without the in-home assessment of your wardrobe Book a session to follow up a styling session or simply for a one-on-one shopping experience.


Whether you need a simple edit, or a complete overhaul I will help you to determine what items should be kept and tailored and what items have had their run and need to be removed. Working based off of your personal needs, season, colour, fit and function I will then organize your closet for optimal functionality.
Need new items after the edit, book the complete wardrobe edit + personal shopping experience 


Pleasurable, stress free and convenient for photo shoots, television, musicians, events and day to day living.